Dedicated to: The resulting images from clinical applications of electromagnetic radiation in medical imaging techniques, along with the biochemistry and mechanism of action of various antineoplastic and chemotherapuetic agents.

'Chest X-Ray was done which showed evidence of pulmonary metastasis (Figure 1 [left]) in the form of “cannon-ball metastasis”.

Patient was administered EMA-CO chemotherapy i.e. Etoposide, Methotrexate and Actinomycin on Day 1 and 2; Cyclophosphamide and Vincristine on day 8. After 4 cycles of EMA-CO, her β-HCG levels fell down to 2467.49 IU/ml and chest X-Ray too showed significant resolution of metastatic lesions (Figure 2[right]).

Tumor may manifest in lungs as pulmonary nodules as in Figure 1(left). Pulmonary nodules are the most common manifestation of secondary neoplastic disease in the lungs. They are usually derived from tumor emboli that arise from invasion of tumor capillaries. The tumor emboli drain via the systemic veins and pulmonary arteries, subsequently lodging in the small pulmonary arteries or arterioles and extending into adjacent lung tissue. Chemotherapy may change appearance of these lesions (Figure 2[right]). Complete resolution is rare.’ Pulmonary metastasis in Chorio-carcinoma: “Before and After Chemotherapy”. The Internet Journal of Radiology. 2009 Volume 10 Number 1. DOI: 10.5580/1013

Cyclophosphamide, Methotrexate, and Vincristine—those three (among others) helped give me my life back

Keep on fighting, cancer victims warriors

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